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Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting-edge science in this 90-minute digital presentation.


1. Are Neutropenic Diets Necessary?
2. The Safety of Heme vs. Non-Heme Iron
3. Migratory Skin Worms from Sushi
4. Ginger for Migraines
5. How to Treat Kidney Stones with Diet
6. Solving a Colon Cancer Mystery
7. How to Treat High Blood Pressure
8. Music as Medicine
9. Diet and Hiatal Hernia
10. Stomach Stapling Kids
11. What Causes Diabetes?
12. Big Sugar Takes on World Health Org.
13. The Best-Kept Secret in Medicine
14. How Many Bowel Movements a Day?
15. Sit, Squat or Lean for Bowel Movements?
16. Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?
17. Peppermint Oil for Irritable Bowel
18. Flame Retardant Pollutants and Children
19. Preventing Brain Loss with B Vitamins?
20. Diverticulosis is a Choice
21. Does Fiber Really Prevent Diverticulosis?
22. Heart of Gold: Turmeric Curcumin
23. Can Dehydration Affect Our Mood?
24. Fish Consumption and Suicide
25. Does Rye Bread Protect Against Cancer?
26. Doctors Respond to Being Named Killers

Video Details
Format M4V Video
Language English
Runtime 90 Minutes
Year 2015
Director Michael Greger, M.D.
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