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Dr. Greger reviews the latest cutting-edge science in this 95-minute DVD presentation.


1. Does Cholesterol Size Matter?
2. Cooked Beans of Sprouted Beans
3. The Standard of Care for Prediabetes
4. Hibiscus Tea for Hypertension
5. Protecting Teeth from Hibiscus Tea
6. Is There Too Much Aluminum in Tea?
7. How Much Hibiscus Tea is Too Much?
8. PCBs in Children's Fish Oil Supplements
9. Can Flax Seeds Prevent Breast Cancer?
10. Turmeric and Pancreatic Cancer
11. Infectobesity: Adenovirus 36 in Children
12. Juicing Removes More Than Just Fiber
13. Role of Diet in Declining Sperm Counts
14. Dairy Estrogen and Male Fertility
15. Hospitals Selling Sickness
16. Agribusiness's Pound of Flesh
17. Are GMOs Safe?  The Case of BT Corn
18. Are GMOs Safe? Roundup-Ready Soy
19. Is Monsanto's Roundup Pesticide Safe?
20. GMO Soy and Breast Cancer
21. Caloric Restriction vs. Plant-based Diets
22. How Much Added Sugar is Too Much?
23. Preventing Alzheimer's: Lifestyle Change
24. Preventing Alzheimer's with Diet
25. Tomato Seeds and Platelet Activation
26. Eliminating 90% of Heart Disease Risk

Video Details
Format DVD (Widescreen)
Region Region Free
Language English
Runtime 2 Hours
Year 2014
Director Michael Greger, M.D.
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